The Gauge Doc 66/67 Charger Instrument Cluster Restoration Process The following steps are taken in the restoration of a 66/67 Charger EL Instrument Cluster: 1.) All 6 gauges removed from cluster housing 2.) EL wiring harness removed from cluster housing 3.)Cluster housing media blasted to remove all dirt and corrosion 4.) Grounding plates for turn signals and high beam indicator checked for continuity and repaired if necessary 5.)All new gaskets installed 6.) EL wiring harness repaired as necessary 7.) All gauges checked for proper operation and repaired as necessary 8.) New gauge face overlays installed (if requested) 9.) Harness and gauges reinstalled and all EL lighting checked three separate times 10.) New 5V RTE limiter installed and all thermal gauge operation checked for proper operation (fuel, oil pressure, temperature) three separate times 11.) Instrument cluster packed and shipped via insured FedEx Ground (585) 615-0456