The Gauge Doc
Disconnect the battery (very important, as the leads to the ammeter are always HOT), then follow these steps: 1. Drop the steering column or tape it with foam to prevent scratching. 2. Remove radio knobs and nuts - radio might slide back enough to release from cluster/dash 3. Remove heater A/C knobs 4. Remove screws around top edge of cluster - do not remove heater control screws 5. Remove the screw (pointing down) below the radio push buttons 6. Remove screws under cluster in bottom part of dash (one left and one right of steering column) - these are the main support 7. There should be 7 total screws holding the cluster to the dash frame. 8. Slide cluster out slightly - reach in behind and release speedocable 9. Slide cluster out further - unplug dash bulbs and other electrical plugs 10. Tilt cluster up and using small wrench release ammeter nuts from threaded studs 11. Slide cluster out to the right (easier with steering column dropped) REMOVING YOUR 66/67 Charger Gauge Cluster (585) 615-0456