The Gauge Doc I have complied a short list of individuals and companies that I have done business with over the years and have found them to be excellent resources for obtaining quality parts and services for our old Mopars.
MrMoparts Mopar restoration parts, hardware, huge inventory BEA Parts
Jim Rodebaugh 918-333-5573 Parts and Services Unique to 66/67Chargers
Excellent reproduction parts for A, B and C body Mopars Bryan Ashcraft
S&M Electrotech 206-246-1966
AM/FM stereo Mopar radio conversion, including EL radios Real Time Engineering
EL powerpack rebuilding, new headlight relays, miscellaneous parts
Solid state voltage limiters, tachometer boards Doug Winslow
Premium Dash Decals 66/67 Charger reproduction parts
Gauge overlays (decals), gauge cluster circuit boards Chris McGinnis 66/67 Charger headlight motor rebuilding, limit switches (585) 615-0456