The Gauge Doc Helpful Mopar Gauge Cluster Installation Tips 1. Make sure that when installing the plastic bezel on the instrument cluster, be careful you don't pinch any of the harness wires between the metal cluster frame and the plastic bezel. On the 66/67 Charger, this can lead to a short and cause the electroluminescent lighting to not function. On other Mopar models, it can cause the instrument cluster lighting and or gauges not to function. 2. There is a possibility that there could be an excess amount of glue and/or sealant on the lens cap that can interfere with the gauge needle movement. If the needle can't move freely with the bezel screwed in place, remove any excess glue or sealant and if necessary, shim the bezel with small washers to provide adequate clearance. 3. On the 66/67 Charger, there are three metal plates riveted to the back of the gauge housing. These provide ground for the turn signal indicators and the high beam indicator respectively. These plates must be grounded well for those lights to work. If there is no continuity, use a flat punch and a small hammer and very carefully reset those rivets and check again. I recommend you remove the plastic bezel before attempting this fix. (585) 615-0456